How To Wear Garmin Heart Rate Monitor

Garmin is one of the best makers of heart rate monitors, but learning how to wear your Garmin heart rate monitor can be kind of tricky. Some Garmin monitors can be worn with a chest strap, while others detect your heart rate on your write. Some have a wireless connection and others more or less estimate your heart rate. Wearing your Garmin heart rate monitor correctly depends on what you want to do with it. Follow these instructions to ensure that you are wearing your Garmin heart rate monitor correctly.

To learn how to wear your Garmin heart rate monitor, you will need:

  • The instructions that came with your Garmin
  • Any accessories that came with your Garmin (e.g. a chest strap)
  • A computer with an Internet connection (optional)
  1. Find out what kind of Garmin you have. There are five different types of Garmin watches that have heart rate monitors. Knowing which model you have will help determine how you will wear it. All of these Garmin watches will be some variation of the Garmin "Forerunner." Your heart rate monitor will be the 110, 310XT, 305, 405/405CX, or the 205.
  2. Figure out if you need to wear a chest strap. Some Garmin Heart rate monitors only function with the chest strap. Others are compatible with a chest strap and some only require your wrist. The 405/405CX, 305, 310XT does not come with a chest strap. The 110 works with or without a strap.
  3. Fit your Garmin heart rate monitor. All Garmin wrist bands and chest straps are adjustable and built for a variety of body types. You will want the watch to fit snuggly on your wrist (but not so tight that it is going to cut off your circulation), you just want to prevent it from flopping around. The chest strap (if applicable) should be secured under your pectoral muscles. If you have trouble, Garmin makes videos to help you correctly use your Garmin.
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