How To Wear A Graduation Cap

You new grads maybe wondering how to wear a graduation cap correctly. As someone who has participated in high school graduation as well as two different college graduations, I know that the graduation ceremony is a big event, when many academic achievements are recognized.  And graduation regalia – the cap, gown, and anything else awarded for special achievements, such as colored tassels or hoods, should be worn correctly and with pride.  This article will provide a little detail on how to wear the cap correctly.   

  1. Wearing the hat. If you're wearing a hat with a pointed base, the base is placed in the middle of your forehead.   The mortarboard (the flat surface on the cap) should be level with your head,  not cocked at an angle, though women with curly hair may be tempted to do this.  And women, if you're worried about the hat getting out of place, be sure to have black bobby pins on hand in case the hat doesn't fit securely. 
  2. Placing the tassel. Depending on your high school or college's preference, the tassel is usually placed on the right side of the head, and then transferred once all diplomas or degrees have been awarded. Once the tassel has been transferred, the cap is officially yours, and you can do whatever you want to with it.  

That's it! Once you've transferred your tassel, you're now considered a graduate and can go on to the next step, whether it's college or finding a job.  Congratulations!

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