How To Wear A Great Kilt

Learning how to wear a great kilt is a process in itself. Dating from way back in the 1500s, the great kilt is a full length garment made of wool, usually plaid, whose upper half can be worn as a cloak. The kilt was actually developed by the Celts, with the Scottish adopting it as their national symbol as recently as the 19th century.

You will need:

  • Some plaid wool material 60 inches wide by four and a half yards long
  • A belt
  1. Take the plaid wool material you purchased and lay it out on the ground. Your material should measure 60 inches wide by four and a half yards long, or thirteen and a half feet. Yes it is a very long sheet of wool to wear. Make sure you have enough room where you lay it out for it to be completely spread out.
  2. Here is the hard and tedious part; you knew that was coming. Go to the edge of the material and kneel on it facing the center of the wool sheet. From the edge of the material to where you knees are it will make one of the front panels of your great kilt. From your kneeling position, start pulling material towards you and folding it in a uniform manner to make pleats. A good tip is to fold the material on a cross stripe to keep the pleats even. You should leave an equal amount of material left at the opposite end of the great kilt.
  3. The belt will need to be placed at this point. You will want the belt to be placed at the waist, not the hips. Your waist is the area between the bottom rib and the top of the hip bone. It is possible to lie on the great kilt material to figure out where it is best to place the belt. Make sure the material only falls to the inside of the knee. The belt will need to go under the great kilt material.
  4. It is best to lie on the ground on the great kilt material in order to put it on. Fold one of the panels over first, normally the right. Now fold the other panel over and secure it with the belt. You can get up off the ground now and stand up, folding the material over the belt. You have now succeeded in putting the great kilt on. You can take the top layer of material and pin it over the right shoulder with a broach to look like Braveheart.



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