How To Wear An iPod While Jogging

Wondering how to wear an iPod while jogging? I bet you have seen those joggers running around with ear buds in their ears. While it may be a bit dangerous to wear an iPod while jogging, it keeps you motivated to continue with your workout. So sit back and learn about how they all do it, how to wear an iPod while jogging.

  1. You are going to need to purchase an iPod clip to attach to your pants or shorts. Belt clips usually work just as well. Just clip it to your waistband and go.
  2. If you can't find a clip, or don't have one readily available you could always just shove the iPod into your pocket while jogging. Try to make sure though that the pockets are deep pockets, because you certainly do not want to be running and have the iPod bounce out of your pocket, which can happen, and it could break the iPod if it falls.
  3. As a safety precaution when you are jogging with your iPod on, you will want to keep the volume of your music at a rate low enough as to where you can hear your music, and outside noises as well. You want to hear if a car is honking or something of that nature to keep yourself from getting hurt. Always be aware of cars and traffic lights before running out into traffic. Music is a distraction, nice to have, but also a distraction while you are jogging.
  4. Tuck your iPod's ear bud wires under your shirt, so it does not get caught on  your arms while you are jogging.
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