How To Wear A Jockstrap

A man must know how to wear a jockstrap correctly to hold a cup in place while playing sports, or injury can occur. Many men actually do not know how a cup and jockstrap is supposed to fit. A jockstrap is a piece of material that resembles underwear, but has no backing and the front has only a strip on triangular material in the front. They kind of resemble women’s thongs, but there is no strap that goes in between the butt cheeks. There are actually two straps that run along the sides of a man’s cheeks.

  1. When purchasing a jockstrap, take a look at the back of the package. There should be a sizing chart on it. Use that when picking the size jockstrap you need. A jockstrap must fit snugly for it to hold the cup correctly, and be able to protect the penis and testicles from injury.
  2. To put the jockstrap on, take your pants and undergarments off. Hold the jockstrap in front of you with the pouch in the front. You will want to put the left leg through the left opening and the right leg through the right opening. Pull the jockstrap up and then adjust the pouch so it is comfortable.
  3. The pouch should fit snug against your skin. At this point you can place the cup inside the pouch to protect the penis and testicles. Make sure the cup is flush against the skin or some injury can occur.

The jockstrap does not need to worn with a cup. This is just the most popular use for sports. The jockstrap is actually a good alternative for briefs when walking long distances, hiking, or running. It will actually keep the scrotum and thighs from chafing during exercise.



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