How To Wear Kickboxing Shin Pads

Knowing how to wear kickboxing shin pads can be determined by the type of guard purchased. Kickboxing shin pads, or shin guards, come in several styles. Some are fastened with Velcro while others are simply held on by an elastic strap usually incorporating Velcro. Additionally, some shin guards come with an instep protector.

Things you'll need:

  • Pair of shin pads
  1. If the shin pad has an elastic strap there will be two elastic straps across the back. The front of the guard consists of a foam, vinyl-coated piece that is placed in front of the leg, covering the majority of the shin (knee to ankle) that would face the opponent in sparring matches.  
  2. The elastic straps are wrapped around the back of the leg, usually around the upper ankle and calf, and fastened in the front by Velcro. The elastic straps should hold the shin guard in place snuggly, but should not slow blood flow or circulation. If the wearer feels the shin guard is too tight or begins to have a numb or "pins and needles" feeling in the lower leg, it is best to check for a larger sized shin guard.
  3. If the shin pad is simply a Velcro or hook and loop closure, the straps running along the back of the guard will have a non-stretchy material (sometimes vinyl or leather). The foam shin guard is placed along the front of the lower leg, protecting the majority of the shin that would be exposed to the sparring opponent.
  4. The straps are wrapped around the back of the leg, as with the elastic straps, then threaded through plastic or metal loops on the opposite side of the shin guard. The strap is inserted into the loop from the inner side, pulled forward (away from the calf) and then wrapped back over itself fastened with Velcro.
  5. If the shin guard has an instep protector, there will be an additional length of slightly thinner foam padding, often at a narrower width than the larger portion of the guard. This is positioned over the foot to protect the player during kicking.
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