How To Wear A Kilt

They've become pretty fashionable as of late so here a guide on how to wear a kilt. Dressing in a full formal Prince Charlie kilt can be challenging. Each layer of the outfit has a dressing technique of its own from the hose to the placing of the Sgian Dubh. Tying the ghillie brogues requires the laces to be twisted and wound up the ankle until they are secured with a bow. How to wear a kilt is a matter of what to put on next and how to secure it.

To wear a kilt, you will need:

  • Hose (socks)
  • Flashes (garters)
  • Ghillie Brogues (shoes)
  • Kilt
  • Sporran
  • Kilt Pin
  • Vest
  • Jacket
  • Sgian Dubh (knife)
  1. Begin with a white shirt and bow tie for evening dress.
  2. Put on the hose and pull them up to the knee. Clip a garter on each calf a few inches below the top of the hose. The decorative ribbons on the flashes can be placed in the front or to the outer side of your calf. Fold the top of the hose over the flashes leaving half of the ribbon showing.
  3. Slide on a ghillie brogue and stretch the laces out to make sure they are even then, tie half a knot. Twist the laces three times and pull them tight. Pull each lace behind your ankle, cross the laces, and bring them in front two inches above the twist, cross the laces again, and take them around the back of your ankle. Cross the laces and bring them around front and tie them in a bow two inches higher on your ankle.
  4. Open the kilt and stretch it out behind you at your waist and over your shirt. Fold the right side of the kilt across your front and slide the strap into the slit in the fabric over your left hip. Pull the strap through and buckle it into place. Fold the left side of the kilt across your front to the right hip and buckle the straps to secure it. You should be able to fit your thumbs easily into the waist band.
  5. Attach the chain strap to the sporran by snapping the ends into the metal loops. Feed the sporran straps through the loops in the back of the kilt and buckle the sporran strap.
  6. Insert the kilt pin in the front apron four inches up from the hem and two inches in from the right side.
  7. Adjust the strap in the back of the vest so the vest fits well before putting the vest on, and then button it. Put the matching jacket on over the vest.
  8. Slide the Sgian Dubh into the top of your right hose, if you are right handed, and push it in leaving the handle showing.


  • Another way to attach the sporran is to position it in front on the apron, hold the ends together, and slide the sporran around the back. With the strap and buckle in front where you can see them, buckle the strap, and rotate the sporran into place in the front of the kilt.


  • A little plaid goes a long way. Wear a solid colour bow tie instead of a plaid that matches the kilt for a better look.
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