How To Wear A Kite Surfing Harness

Figuring out how to wear a kite surfing harness depends on the type of kite surfing you want to do. Kite surfing is one of those activities that mild mannered folks and adrenaline junkies alike can enjoy. Imagine having this huge kite, powered by the wind, pulling you across the water at high speeds and you'll know what it means to kite surf. Kite surfing can be a dangerous activity and your kite surfing harness is designed to keep you attached to the kite as well as your board. If you're down to try it out, here's how you wear a kite surfing harness.

  1. Kite surfing harness types. There are two types of kite surfing harnesses you can wear. There's the seated harness. This one comes equipped with legs loops. It can restrict your movements. The seated kite surfing harness isn't made for pulling of aerial daredevilry. The adrenaline junkies will definitely choose the second type of kite surfing harness. The second type attaches around your waist. You can even get a vest version of this one as well.
  2. Strapping in a seat harness. If you're using a seat harness, you need to put your legs through the loops and adjust the loops so you're comfortable in them. You want to be secure, but you don't want the loops to be too tight. Also, you want your butt to be in the correct position of the "seat" area so you can adjust the kite surfing harness correctly around your waist. It should feel like a heavy duty diaper once you strap in. There's a safety cord that attaches from your harness to the handle bar of the kite. You'll also have another cord that attaches the board to your harness.  You'll notice that your legs won't have the same range of motion to pull of tricks with your board as a wait or vest harness, but, you'll have your feet strapped into the board as well.
  3. The waist harness. Just as it suggests, the kite surfing waist harness wraps securely around your midsection. Adjust it so you feel secure in it. Again, you don't want it too tight but you want to make sure a gust of wind doesn't rip you out of it. Just secure the straps in the from of your harness to you liking. You'll also have to attach the cords to the handle bar and board as well.
  4. The vest. Well, this particular kite surfing harness is a vest. Surprised? Get into it and adjust the straps to fit you snugly. You'll have straps at the waist as well as up the vest in the front. Attach yourself to the kite via your safety cords. Do the same with your board. This harness is ideal for the folks that want to pull of tricks with the board. Your legs will be totally free to move.
  5. Safety. All harnesses come with a pocket to hold a knife. This knife is there for one reason only. Its for cutting your connection to the kite in a dangerous situation. Don't forget the knife is there. People have hit a sudden gust of wind and ended up hitting power lines, the sides of buildings, and a whole host of places they didn't want to be. Just remember the knife is there.
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