How To Wear Knee High Socks

Learning how to wear knee high socks is relevant if you like the feel of these socks.  Most of the time knee high socks are not even seen, such as under pants, although they may become relevant if you want to wear shorts.  Take the following considerations into account if you want to know how to wear knee high socks.

  1. Don't worry if you are wearing them under pants.  When you wear pants, wearing knee high socks is fine virtually anywhere.  The pants will obviously cover up your knee high socks, so you shouldn't worry here at all.  Of course, normal "sock fashion" rules apply, if you will.  Your bright green socks will not look good under your suit slacks, for instance.
  2. Take advantage of knee high socks when it's cold outside.  In cold weather, knee high socks are great for keeping you warm.  Especially consider slightly heavier knee high socks if the weather is particularly cold. 
  3. Take caution when wearing knee high socks with shorts.  There was a time when you could wear knee high socks with shorts, and according to most people, that time has passed.  You could look back at NBA players of previous decades in this discussion.  Many people may sport them while playing basketball and other activities.  It's ultimately up to you, although according to most people this is out of style.  Feel free to do so if you don't mind, but you can expect to get ribbed a little bit by your friends.
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