How To Wear A Leather Jacket

Need to know how to wear a leather jacket? A leather jacket is a quintessential piece in any men's wardrobe.  It exudes the long-sought-after mix of stylishness, sophistication, and edge.  However, many men feel intimidated by the leather jacket or are not sure how to wear one.  Here are some suggestions as to how to wear and make the most of your leather jacket.

  1. With Jeans. This is the ultimate James Dean look.  Worn with a plain white t-shirt and some jeans, this will give off the edge you're looking for.  Done right, it can even show off some sexiness, as well.  For this look, a dark wash on the jeans would look best.  A nice pair of sneakers are always a good option, but to dress this style up a bit, add a pair of dress shoes into the mix.  The possibilities and variations are endless with this look.
  2. With a Hoodie. For a more "urban" look, a hoodie underneath the leather jacket will do the trick.  A good option is American Apparel.  They make classic, durable hoodies in almost every color.
  3. Instead of a Suit Jacket. This may seem odd, but it is possible to wear your leather jacket instead of a suit jacket and still manage to look classy.  For a more informal affair where this look would work, here are the needed materials.  Pair the jacket with dress pants, shoes, as well as your basic button-down shirt.  With this look, you could even mix up the button-down and wear one with a pattern or a crazy color. 
  4. Over a Vest. In addition, you could even wear a vest with your leather jacket. This works with a casual t-shirt as well as a dressier button-down shirt. In addition, a cardigan can even be replaced by the vest. Anything goes when you're wearing a leather jacket. Trust us: no one will want to mess with you. 
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