How To Wear Mens Victorian Clothing

If you love to show your style and you were clearly meant to be born in another era, then you might need to know how to wear men's Victorian clothing. The Victorian era was chock full of unique, interesting and down right uppity clothes. If you feel like you would have seriously fit in with that crowd, then here's a little info about how to properly wear the style of men's Victorian clothing.

  1. Buy the basics. At the very least, you will need a formal vest, coat and hat. These are the three main pieces that define men's Victorian era clothing.
  2. Make your vest the show piece. The vest is the part of the wardrobe that you can use to show off your unique personality and it was often the fanciest part of the outfit. Your vest might be made of silk or it might just be a bold color or pattern. Either way, it should stand out.
  3. Wear your pants in the proper place. Pants were usually worn right at the navel. This may seem strange to you if you are used to wearing your pants halfway down your backside, but this was the proper way to dress back in the day. For them to be authentic, they should also have a flat front with no crease.
  4. Get some great accessories. One of the best parts about dressing in men's Victorian clothing is that you get to choose cool accessories. A pocket watch or a nice walking cane will do. Choose one or both or more and you will look like you stepped right out of the Victorian age.

Those are just a few tips to get you started. Do your research, buy high quality men's Victorian clothing and you should look the part in no time.

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