How To Wear Men’s Vintage Eyeglasses

Need to know how to wear men's vintage eyeglasses? Not into the latest and greatest? Dying for the good ol’ days when fashion was simple but stylish and men sported dashing, classic looks? Consider pumping up your look with something simple, classic and vintage—your glasses! Learn how to wear men’s vintage eyeglasses, then go out and get your own!

To wear men's vintage eyeglasses, you will need:

  • Confidence and style
  • A great pair of vintage frames
  1. Decide on the materials. The frames for men’s vintage eyeglasses come in all shapes, sizes and materials. You’ll need to first decide if you’re looking for metal or plastic. Metal frames are going to be slightly more delicate and often lighter; plastic can feel a bit more substantial. It’s entirely a matter of taste and what looks best on your face.
  2. Pick an era. The style of men’s vintage eyeglasses will vary from decade to decade. For example, from the 1900s to the 1940s the popular styles were round wire rim glasses and horn-rimmed glasses. Horn-rimmed eyeglasses were made famous by stylish wearer’s such as Buddy Holly and Harold Lloyd, while the wire round glasses have more of a John Lennon vibe. If the '50s and '60s are more your speed, the popular frames to look at would be rimless frames and heavy plastic eyeglass frames.
  3. Choose your frames. Horn-rimmed frames, wire round frames, rimless eyeglasses and heavy plastic frames… as far as men’s vintage eyeglasses are concerned, there are so many possibilities. These were some of the most popular frames in their own time and are popular even now; however, the possibilities are endless and require some searching around on your part. Take your face shape into consideration when choosing glasses; you want your choice to suit your face. Round metal frames will suit a square face, while a diamond or triangle face would be better served by rimless frames. If you choose the heavy plastic frame style, make sure that you choose a color that suits your skin tone and that is something you can wear with all your clothes. Pay attention that the size of your choice doesn’t overwhelm your face and that the frames complement your features. Choose something that suits your personality and personalizes your look!
  4. Fill them up!  Once you get your new men’s vintage frames, take them to your eye doctor and have them put your prescription inside.
  5. Wear your eyeglasses with confidence! Vintage is in style, and men’s vintage eyeglasses are all the rage. You're trying to pull off a stylish and classy look, so keep your head up high and show off those unique peepers!
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