How To Wear A Nike Sweatband Watch

As you prepare to play a sport or just look sporty, you may wonder how to wear a Nike sweatband watch. Nike sweatband watches are water-resistant and may come with interchangeable sweatbands or cuffs to coordinate with your outfit or mood.

Things you'll need:

  • Nike sweatband watch
  1. Consider your activities and select your watch. If your day is busy with sports or other activities, you many want to wear your Nike sweatband watch. You don't have to worry about dirtying the sweatband because the band is washable. Additionally, the timepiece of the watch will resist sweat and splashing. Even on days when you are not expecting rough wear, you can wear your Nike sweatband watch for a casual and sporty look.

  2. Consider your outfit and change sweatbands as needed. If your sweatband watch comes with interchangeable sweatbands or cuffs, determine which band is most suitable for your outfit and anticipated activities. For example, you may coordinate colors with your outfit and/or choose to wear team colors.

  3. Slip your Nike sweatband watch over your wrist. Put your watch on to complete your look. Right-handed people most often wear their watch on the left arm and left handed people usually wear their watch on their right arm. This may be because it is easier to fasten the clasp with the dominant hand, but there is no clasp to mess with here—just slip the sweatband watch over your hand and onto your wrist with the time facing you for easy readability.

You've considered your activities and outfit and decided to wear your Nike sweatband watch with the appropriate band. Slip in on and wear it out to tackle your casual day or an opposing team member.

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