How To Wear A Pea Coat

Knowing how to wear a pea coat can not only keep you warm, but it can also keep you looking good and stylish. Pea coats are very popular winter clothing accessories around the world. Pea coats are fashionable and traditional outerwear garments that have been around for centuries. Anyone can just go to the store and purchase a pea coat, but it is all about how you wear a pea coat that matters the most. Wearing a pea coat correctly can make all of the difference in your appearance. Follow these steps to know how to wear the perfect fitting pea coat.

  1. Layering a pea coat. Since a pea coat is an outer layer, a scarf is the only accessory that should be worn over a pea coat. You don't want to have too much going on with the coat because you want its beauty to be seen. To maintain a clean line while wearing your pea coat, tuck your scarf beneath the pea coat. 
  2. The length of a pea coat. Your pea coat should generally hit right at the bottom of your hips, unless you have purchased a pea jacket, which should fit a little higher around the bottom of the waist. Wearing a pea coat that is too long can loosen your figure and shape. If a pea coat is too short, it can make it look as though you have gained weight.
  3. Buttoning a pea coat. Make sure to keep the coat buttoned up at all times if you want that classic look. Pea coats are made to be buttoned up fully from top to bottom. Also, the buttons are the secret to the pea coat's great shape. The rows are evenly spaced down the length of the coat to create the classic cinching effect that helps you to look thinner.
  4. The right size for a pea coat. Wearing a baggy pea coat is not a good idea. If you wear an oversized pea coat it can make you look ten times larger than what you really are. You want to wear the smallest size possible while still having a comfortable fit. Always try the coat on in the store and if at all possible, look in a three-way mirror to get the full view.
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