How To Wear A Pin

Learning how to wear a pin is easy. Anyone can wear a pin. The most important part of wearing it correctly is the placement as well as the correct time and place. Make a statement or just look more put together by wearing a pin.

  1. Wear a pin on your shirt. Usually, a pin is attached in the upper chest area, around the collarbone. It never goes in the center of the chest, and can be worn on either side. If there is more than one pin, be sure to place them in a cluster on one area of the shirt. You may want to put on every pin that you own, but remember, one pin stands out; with multiples, they all blend together.
  2. Clip a pin onto the collar of your shirt. Wearing a pin in this way will only be successful if the pin is small and there is only going to be one. This isn't the kind of accessory that will draw attention. It is meant to just look like part of the outfit.
  3. Wear a pin on your hat. Much like the collar of a shirt, only one pin will look good on a hat, so be sure to choose wisely. The best place to attach it is above the bill on the front of the hat. Pins that are placed on the back of the hat don't get noticed.
  4. Be sure to wear a pin that is appropriate for the event as well as the clothes you are wearing. There are thousands of pins that can be worn for any number of reasons or occasions. Color is not the most important factor in choosing the right pin. Instead, think about the way that you are dressed and where you are planning on going. For example, you obviously wouldn't want to wear a pin with a questionable message to work with a suit and tie. You would be more likely to wear a small pin with no message at all. One the weekend, with friends, it matters much less and you have unlimited possibilities when it comes to wearing a pin. 
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