How To Wear A Pocket Watch On A Vest

If you are going for a cool, retro look with your wardrobe, you may be wondering how to wear a pocket watch on a vest. Pocket watches are iconic items that have both style and function. If you're going to wear a pocket watch, you have to do it right, or you'll just come off like some guy who's trying to look cool.

  1. Check out your chain. There are a couple of different kinds of chains that go with pocket watches. If yours has a T-bar on one end, then it is meant to be placed in the button hole of the vest with the button. If there is no T-bar on the end, then the end of the chain will actually take the place of one of the buttons on the vest.
  2. Attach the chain to the vest. Once you have determined what kind of chain you have, go ahead and attach it to your vest.
  3. Place your pocket watch in your vest pocket. If you are right handed, the pocket watch should go into the left pocket of the vest, and vice versa.
  4. Let the chain hang. The chain should hang decoratively between the pocket watch and the button hole. It should not be pulled too tight.

Use these tips to help you to wear your pocket watch with style. You can create a casual look by wearing the vest and watch over a plain white T-shirt with a pair of blue jeans and tennis shoes. For a dressier look, pair these items with a white button-up shirt and dress pants. Either way, you should be able to look great wearing your pocket watch.

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