How To Wear A Pocket Watch

These days you don't see many pocket watches and people have lost the knowledge of how to wear a pocket watch. A pocket watch was once the standard for time keeping. From a gold retirement watch to a train engineer, this was the time piece to have. Today people like the pocket watch for a number of reasons. Some activities could damage a watch on a wrist, and a pocket watch stays protected. Other people prefer the elegance of a pocket watch, or the history behind them. Whatever the reason, here are some ways on how to wear a pocket watch.

  1. Almost all jeans have a pocket for a pocket watch. On the right hand side pocket there is another smaller pocket just above the main pocket. This is where the pocket watch is stored when not in use. A small chain is usually already on the pocket watch. This chain is looped around the belt loop and the pocket watch pushed through the chain loop to securely place the chain around the belt loop.
  2. Pants without a specific pocket for a watch, can still use the main pocket. The pocket watch chain is attached in the same fashion as the jeans.
  3. Most vests also have a pocket for a pocket watch. The chain in this instance usually has a bar at the end which goes through one of the vest button holes on the front, similar to a cuff link.

Whichever method you choose for wearing a pocket watch will be determined by your outfit and preference.

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