How To Wear Rain Boots With Jeans

Every man must own a pair a rain boots, but he also needs to know how to wear rain boots with jeans properly. Rain boots and denim can be fashion friends; it just takes a little know how. Being able to stylishly wear your wellies with your jeans ensures you won't be mistaken for your great-grandfather on a fishing trip.

  1. Proper fitting denim is the key to success. When wearing rain boots your jeans need to be cut with properly and fit at the waist. A straight clean line makes you appear taller while keeping you from seeming an outdated sloppy mess.
  2. To tuck or not to tuck is an important decision. If you have stellar looking rain boots that make a statement showing them off by tucking your jeans into the rain boots only enhances your look. Rain boots are no longer utilitarian, so if you own a pair that don't look like all the other rain boots, take this opportunity to showcase your personal style. 
  3. When tucking your jeans make sure your look is relaxed and casual and a bit rugged as well. If you appear too preppy or polished it will make your tucked in jeans look unbalanced, and you will look out of place.
  4. Covering your rain boots can only be done with a straight leg jean. A slim fit forced to cover a rain boot looks silly while a wide leg looks sloppy. A boot cut can work as long as there is not too much flare in the leg.
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