How To Wear A Rappelling Harness Properly

Do you want to know how to wear a rappelling harness properly? The harness is a critical part of every climber's safety equipment. Wearing it properly can be the difference between safety and unnecessary risks.

To wear a rappelling harness properly, you will need:

  • A rappelling harness
  • A locking carabiner
  • A rope
  1. Open the rappelling harness and identify its parts. You should see two leg loops, a front and a back strap and a main hip loop. Depending on the model, the back loop can be absent, and you could see different secondary tool loops around the hips.
  2. Loosen the straps on both leg loops and the belt. Some models do not have straps on the leg loops. Those might have an elastic cord or a fabric fastener.
  3. Place a foot on each leg loop and raise the harness by the belt. Wearing pants that are not too bulky will make it easier to put the harness on and take it off.
  4. Tighten the straps, starting with the belt and following with the leg loops. Make sure that the harness does not compress any wrinkles in your pants. This may lead to discomfort and even injuries.
  5. Check that the belt strap is attached with the corresponding double loop. A double loop is basically making the strap go through the tie-in loop twice, once to the right and then once to the left. This will ensure that friction acts to prevent the belt strap from slipping.
  6. Clip the locking carabiner on the front rappelling loop. To determine which one is the front rappelling loop, check the harness' manufacturer manual. Most of the time, harnesses have a user schematic on the inside of the belt.
  7. Clip any rappelling device in place using the locking carabiner. Make sure that the gate on the locking carabiner is always facing up, and the rope loads properly on the carabiner.

Remember to take enough time to set up your safety gear properly. Double checking both your and your partner's equipment is a good way to lower risks.

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