How To Wear Retro Hair Styles

Need to know how to wear retro hair styles? This is not a complicated topic at the present, considering retro hair styles are beginning to circle their way back around to the present era. Women were more in tune with the retro era and took the hairstyles and world by storm. Many people didn't have any choice but to get in the swing of wearing the new hairstyles that the retro era had presented. Listed below are instructions on wearing retro hair styles.

  1. When attempting to wear a retro hairstyle, you want to make sure that your hair is either wet or un-combed. The shag hair style is a rough-looking retro hair style that's very convenient. It's a set unkempt look and the shag hair style is actually a unisex hair style. When wearing the shag you also want to make sure that you're not combing or brushing through your hair; the straight look is not a part of the shag.
  2. Short hair was very popular during the retro era and took a wide turn for the best. Short hair is good for people who love coloring their hair. It's more convenient to maintain for women at this time. The tie-back bob was a short, slick style that looks great on women with short hair. A gel or conditioner is used to hold the bob back in place. A head band is usually worn just to give the bob an extra flair.
  3. African American women wore their retro hair styles a little differently than other women. African American women wore the short hairdos but with a little bit more flair. African Americans curled the hair really tight and let loose for a more retro look. Most African American women wore their short hair cut straight and right above the ear. This was close to the shaggy look, but not as unkempt.
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