How To Wear Retro Style Clothes

Knowing how to wear retro style clothes is simple and can be a bold statement to make in a crowd where people normally dress in current fashions. It's also fun and allows you to show an appreciation of past fashion trends. Follow these easy steps and you will be well on your way to wearing retro style clothes.

  1. Shop. To wear retro style clothes, you can buy second hand clothing from the thrift shops, yard and garage sales. It is amazing what you can find in some of these places. Aside from second hand clothing stores, visit vintage shops that sell all things retro or shop online at places like eBay.
  2. Put the clothing together. Now you have your clothing, all you need to do is coordinate them into outfits depending on the decade you are wearing retro clothes from. Watch old movies clips or view pictures of that time period, or go to the best source around: parents and older relatives. Ask what clothing goes well in that decade. Want to be a greaser from the '50s? A black leather jacket, jeans with a comb in the back pocket, a white T-shirt and slicked back pompadour hairstyle is just one example of how you can wear retro style clothing.
  3. Mix retro clothing with today’s fashion. It's not always necessary to wear retro clothes from head to toe. You can combine retro style clothes with current fashion. Wear retro sunglasses with new pair of jeans and shirt, or retro jeans with a more modern shirt that compliments it. It's all about creativity and mixing old and new will make you a today's man with a throwback style.
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