How To Wear A Scarf With A Pea Coat

There are a different options when deciding how to wear a scarf with a pea coat. Even when choosing a fashionable scarf, remember that scarves serve a purpose and should be worn as such. A scarf simply laid over the shoulders of a pea coat when the wind is whipping at your face and neck just looks silly.   

Things you'll need:

  • A scarf
  • A pea coat
  1. Fold your scarf in half. Wrap around your neck. Tuck the open ends of the scarf through the loop of the folded end. This wrap is called the Parisian and is as stylish as it is functional. Pulling the ends tightly creates a nice barrier to the elements. It also looks like you know what you are doing.
  2. Lay a long scarf around your neck. One end should hit a little shy of the end of your pea coat. The other end will be longer. Take this end and wrap it around your neck one or two times. This look is handy for extra long scarves and thicker scarves that your grandma made especially for you.
  3. Put the scarf on backwards. Lay it across the front of your neck and let the ends hang down your back. Cross the ends and bring them back to the front of your body. Cross the two ends in front of your body and then button up your coat. The ends should not hang down under the hem of your pea coat.
  4. Choose a bright scarf or wildly patterned one to bring color into a dreary winter day and show your personality. A subdued scarf will appear classier and elegant when tied well. Take your time when pairing your scarf of choice with your pea coat and be rewarded with a stand out style.
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