How To Wear A Shemagh

Learning how to wear a shemagh isn't a difficult task. Tying this traditional Arabic scarf isn't as complicated as it may seem, and one can look quite stylish when worn correctly. This simple yet comfortable piece can class up any outfit, and despite being a scarf, it can be worn all year round. So grab your mirror and get ready to learn how to wear a shemagh.

To wear a shemagh, you will need:

  • A shemagh
  • A mirror (to observe how it looks in the end)
  1. Loosely fold the scarf in half. As long as the scarf will fit comfortably under your chin, folding it to any thickness will suffice.
  2. Hold the shemagh so that the middle is in front of your neck, under your chin. You may need to hold this part with your chin to make sure that you've got it aligned just right. Also, this would be a great time to utilize the mirror.
  3. Grasp the two ends. Take one end and wrap it around your neck, draping it over your shoulder as you would a jacket or a backpack. Repeat the process with the other end, adjusting the shemagh in the mirror to suit your collar or ensemble in general.

The shemagh is an increasingly popular piece of Arabic clothing that has found its way to American shores. Learning to wear a shemagh will instantly increase your style points, no matter what outfit you're pairing it with. Look your best wherever you go by mastering the art of wearing a shemagh.

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