How To Wear Silver Mens Necklaces

Wondering how to wear silver mens necklaces? Many men have never experimented with wearing jewelry or accessories before. When wearing silver necklaces, there are a few things that men should take into consideration.

  1. Avoid wearing silver necklaces with gold jewelry. The first rule that all men who want to wear silver mens necklaces should be aware of is that they should never wear silver and gold together. This means that you should avoid gold earrings, watches, and other accessories when you opt for a silver chain.
  2. Consider wearing a pendant with a men’s necklace. Men who are learning how to wear silver mens necklaces should know that cross, dog tag, or sports logo pendants can make very fashionable accessories. Make sure that you do not choose a gold accented pendant to go with a silver necklace.
  3. Be sure to choose the appropriate necklace length. Most men will want to opt for a twenty inch chain length. If you want to wear silver mens necklaces, keep in mind that sixteen inch silver chains will give the appearance of a choker and 24 inches may be a bit too long for some men.
  4. Choose colors to wear a silver necklace with. While there is no doubt that most colors will look great with silver, it is ideal to avoid wearing it with gray because it will not stand out very much. Silver can look great with blue, red, green, and many other colors.
  5. Decide between a link chain or rope chain. Men discovering how to wear silver mens necklaces can generally get away with either style. Although rope chains tend to look more sophisticated, they are not ideal for men with long hair because it may get caught.

Men who are trying to learn how to wear silver mens necklaces for the first time may be a bit intimidated at first. There is really no reason to be, however. This is one fashion accessory that will look great on almost any man, no matter what it is worn with.

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