How To Wear A Skinny Tie

Are you a man who wants to know how to wear a skinny tie? Skinny ties have the ability to make people look either impressively stylish or incredibly awkward. It is quite easy to look good in a skinny tie if you know how to wear one. Follow these easy steps and you will soon look great in your skinny tie.

  1. What looks best on you? Skinny ties look the best on skinny frames. If you are a bulky guy, you may want to steer clear of any tie that is less than three inches. Otherwise, the skinniness of the tie might end up looking a little awkward or make you look huge.
  2. You have a decision to make: Jacket or vest? If you for for a jacket, do not just grab the first jacket you see. Pick out a jacket with a modern fit to go along with your skinny tie. Make sure the lapels are not too much bigger than your tie. If you are not interested in wearing a jacket, find a nice vest to go with your shirt and skinny tie. Both jackets and vests look great with skinny ties.
  3. Keep it simple. Stay away from dress shirts that have thick collars. Skinny ties create a hip, modern look and the goal when wearing one is to look smooth and well-put together.
  4. Make sure the rest of your clothes fir properly; avoid wearing baggy clothes. There are many types of clothing that go well with skinny ties, but if what you are wearing does not fit properly, your skinny tie will look out of place and will not match.
  5. Length is important. When choosing a skinny tie, aim for one that hangs a couple of inches above your belt buckle.
  6. Lastly, make sure your colors match. The color of your pants, shirt, vest, and other attire must correlate with the color of your skinny tie. This does not mean when wearing a purple skinny tie the rest of your outfit must be purple. Just make sure that the colors go well together and match.  
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