How To Wear A Snowboard Leash

Learning how to wear a snowboard leash is a basic safety strategy, and at some ski areas they are a required accessory. A snowboard leash attaches to the leg or boot of the snowboarder. The snowboard leash is generally made of nylon. The dynamics are simple: the snowboard leash attaches the snowboard to the rider to ensure it does not go flying off during snowboarding. The snowboard leash concept is very much like that of the surfboard. Snowboarding is a wildly popular sport and a very dangerous one. Small safety accessories such as the snowboard leash are vital in maintaining some level of safety and security for both the rider and other individuals on the slopes.

To put on a snowboard leash, you will need:

  • A snowboard
  • A snowboard leash
  • Snowboard boots
  1. You can put on a snowboard leash without being on the slopes. You will need to at least have your board (normally the binding), your snowboarding boots and, of course, the snowboard leash.
  2. Put your snowboard boots on. Place them in the snowboard bindings and strap them in. Attach one end of the snowboard leash to your leg or boot; this depends on the style you purchased. Attached the other end to the binding and you have successfully leashed your snowboard.

Snowboard leashes come in various lengths. A length long enough for you to carry your board while leashed is highly recommended. They also come in various colors and some carry designs. This allows you to mix, match and show a little personal taste.

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