How To Wear A Snowboarding Bandana

Learning how to wear a snowboarding bandana is very easy, and well worth the time. These bandanas keep the lower half of your face warm, and they protect it from the cold, and the ice and snow that may give you rashes. Following is how to wear a snowboarding bandana.

How to wear a snowboarding bandana:

  1. First, find the right bandana for you. There are many different kinds that are made from various materials, but it is up to you to select one that is comfortable, and of course, has a design or logo that you are fine sporting while on the slopes.
  2. Once you have a snowboarding bandana, fold it in half, from corner to corner. It is square shaped, so grab two corners that are diagonally opposite, and fold them over, to make a triangle shape with the bandana.
  3. Then, holding the two narrowed points of the triangle (the two longest ends), hold it in front of your lower face, so that the third point, the top of the triangle, faces down, pointing to your chin and neck.
  4. Pull the two ends back behind your head, and knot them above your ears. This will make it so that the front of your face is protected by the thick piece of cloth, which is secured behind your head. Once you are wearing the snowboarding bandana, you may put goggles or a hat on as well, to completely protect you head from the cold.

Learning how to wear a snowboarding bandana, which essentially goes on like a regular bandana but upside down, is very easy. Knowing this can prove very handy on the slopes, as these bandanas can really shield your face from the cold that you encounter on the slopes.

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