How To Wear Sperrys

Do you want to know how to wear Sperrys? Sperry loafers have been around since 1935, but these boat shoes are now back in style. Rubber-soled leather Sperrys are a great option for casual footwear because they are not only comfortable, they also last forever. Sperrys are a stylish alternative to flip-flops and sneakers. If you are looking for advice on how to wear Sperrys, check out these essential fashion tips.

  1. Keep it casual. Sperrys are everyday shoes. If you try to wear them with formal slacks, your outfit will look tacky. Sperry loafers look best with polo shirts and jeans or khaki shorts. If you wear a black polo shirt, however, you shouldn't wear brown Sperrys. Be aware of your color combinations and stick to neutral tones instead.
  2. Don't wear socks. If you wear socks with your Sperrys, you are breaking the number one rule of boat shoe ownership. Let's put it this way: if your feet are too cold to go without socks, you shouldn't be wearing summer shoes. If you can't live without socks, at least wear socks that hit below the ankle so they won't be obvious.
  3. Keep prep levels to a minimum. Sperry loafers scream, "preppy," so you don't have to go overboard to complete your look. If you know how to wear Sperrys right, you know that a little goes a long way. There is no need to wrap a sweater around your neck, sport a bucket hat, and don some seersucker shorts. Keep it simple and casual and only incorporate a few preppy elements into your outfit.
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