How To Wear A Sport Coat With Jeans

You're a casual kind of guy, so you need to know how to wear a sport coat with jeans. Now that denim is a staple in almost everyone's wardrobe, you can rock the sport coat and jeans combination without looking like a style misfit.

  1. Keep it casual. Avoid pretending that the sport coat takes you to the next level in dressiness. The most casual part of your outfit dictates the level of style—in this case the jeans. If your office requires business casual or dressier, this look won't work, unless they specifically state that it's okay to wear jeans.
  2. Wear nice jeans. When you want to wear your jeans with a sport jacket, leave the paint-splattered or bleach-marked denim with holes and frays in the closet. Instead, pull out a classic pair of jeans in premium grade denim with a solid wash to pair with your sport coat.
  3. Choose the right sport coat. Avoid the Italian cut or super dressy sport coat when you wear jeans. Instead, opt for a sport coat in a softer, lightweight fabric and a casual feel. Some of the sport coat fabrics that pair well with jeans include cashmere, camel hair or lightweight leather.
  4. Wear the right shirt. For day, you can wear a sport coat with jeans and a casual T-shirt. If you're planning to top your jeans with a sport coat at night, you might want to choose a dress shirt or a collared knit shirt.
  5. Don't forget the shoes. People are often judged by their shoes, so wear good ones if you want to pull off a refined, casual look rather than homeless chic. Sneakers are fine if they're clean and of a good quality. Loafers and other casual styles work for this look. Dressy shoes are more difficult to pull off when you wear a sport coat with jeans, but if they're not too shiny, give it a try. If you notice odd head-to-toe glances rather than looks of admiration, you might want to go home and change shoes.
  6. Look in the mirror. Everyone who cares even a tiny bit about style should have a full-length mirror. After you get dressed in your sport coat and jeans outfit, take a good look at yourself. Make sure you don't appear to be trying too hard to look trendy. When you wear a sport coat with jeans, you want the casual but confident, pulled-together look.

The most important aspect of knowing how to wear a sport coat with jeans is confidence. If you're comfortable rocking the look, the confidence will cover the small infractions that may wind up being tomorrow's trends.

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