How To Wear Sport Coat To Job Interview

If you are job hunting, it is important to know how to wear sport coat to job interview. Wearing the right sport coat can make a big difference in how the interviewer perceives you when they first see you enter their office. Pick a sport coat that is in style, so you look good for your job interview.

To wear a sport coat to a job interview you need:

  • Right color, size and style of sport coat
  • Other clothing and accessories
  1. Buy a sport coat that fits properly and is a dark color. Navy blue with brass or gold buttons is a good choice for a sport coat. Look at the lapels to see if they are wider than you like before you wear a sport coat to a job interview. Check the vent in the back of the suit to make sure it is the kind that you want.
  2. Buy some gray or khaki pants and some dress shoes. If you are going to wear a sport coat to a job interview instead of a suit, you need your entire outfit to look good. Try on some pants and choose a color. Buy some black dress shoes that are in style. Get a belt as well that is the same color as your shoes. Choose a tie that is not too bright when you are going to wear a sport coat to a job interview.
  3. When it is time for your interview, do not fasten all of the buttons. It is okay to button a suit jacket all the way, but when you wear a sport coat to a job interview you only want to button the top button or the top two buttons at the most. When you sit down, unbutton the sport coat all the way.  
  4. Once the interview is over, stand up and button the sport coat. When you wear a sport coat to a job interview, it looks good when you button up after the interviewer finishes. It lets the interviewer know that you care about your appearance and want to look professional.



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