How To Wear Suit Coat As Sport Coat

Figuring out how to wear a suit coat as a sport coat is simple. Regardless is it’s a sport coat or a suit coat, the rest of the outfit has to compliment it. Many times you see a guy wearing a suit coat with an accompanying outfit that just doesn’t go together. Well, the untrained eye may not pick up on it, but it still looks wrong. Your suit coat, when worn as a sport coat, is the centerpiece of your outfit. All other articles of clothing should fall in line with the style of the suit coat. Well, don’t worry, these tips will help you rock that suit coat the way you’re supposed to wear it. Here’s how to wear a suit coat as a sport coat.

  1. The differences. A suit coat is slightly different then a sport coat, and you should understand the differences. Sports coats can be worn as a jacket when the weather permits. Suit coats are pretty much designed to be worn with the matching slacks and complimenting shirt and tie. In order to successfully wear a suit coat as a sport coat, you have to make sure the rest of the outfit compliments the suit coat. That is to say, the suit coat needs to be your centerpiece.
  2. Matching. Everything you wear needs to fall in line with the suit coat. For example, if you’re wearing a tan colored suit coat, the shirt you choose should go well with it. You’d choose some sort of earth tone or light color to go with the suit coat. You wouldn’t wear an extremely dark colored shirt with a tan suit coat right? Well, your shoes, and shirt, and even your accessories need to match and or compliment the suit coat. You do, however, have some flexibility with your jeans.
  3. Jeans. The beauty of jeans is the fact that they go with most everything. You could rock some stonewashed denims with your suit coat. You could wear a dark, unmarked pair of jeans with it as well. Just remember, your jeans can change the whole feel of your outfit. Are you going for trendy or a more casual feel? Once you figure this out, you can decide to go with a more outgoing or conservative look.
  4. Shirt. Make sure the shirt you choose isn’t too gaudy. Also, make sure it isn’t darker than the suit coat you choose. For the most part, darker shirts and lighter suit coats look tacky. So, unless you’re great at clothing ensembles, you should leave this type of combo alone. Stick with simple shirts that promote the look of the suit coat.
  5. Accessories. Watches, bracelets, and even jewelry should all follow this simple rule. Accessories are to compliment. They should not take attention away from your centerpiece, which is of course, that suit coat. Plus, simple is always better with accessories.
  6. Finally, shoes. The shoes can either match the shirt or the suit coat. Your choice. Simple as that. If you can, stick with square toed dressier shoes. They just tend to fit better with most clothing ensembles. Oh, and It shouldn't have to be mentioned but, don't wear white socks with your dress shoes. The only guy that could pull that off was Michael Jackson. You ain't him, and you ain't moonwalking so stay away from the white socks.
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