How To Wear Surf Jewelry

You can't hit the beach without learning how to wear surf jewelry. The art of wearing surf jewelry is in combining the perfect blend of items that are reminiscent of the ocean and the beach without throwing on too much stuff. You want to look like a cool surfer, not a shipwrecked extra from " Pirates of the Caribbean." Like wearing all jewelry, wearing surf jewelry should only compliment your overall look not overtake it. Here's the correct way to wear surf jewelry.

  1. Not too much. Stay away from wearing a boat load of surf jewelry. Sea shell necklaces are cool, but you don't need to wear them with a wooden dolphin necklace, three silver wave pendants and fifteen bracelets. Choose one thing to wear around your neck. At most, wear two bracelets, one for each wrist. If you're going to wear an ankle tie, then make sure it's just one.
  2. Your jewelry should compliment your outfit. This shouldn't be too much of a problem. Most surf jewelry comes in earth tone colors. A lot of the jewelry is made out of, well, pieces of earth anyway. If you're actually surfing, you want to wear stuff that can withstand the waves. Necklaces that aren't too long fare well in that particular situation. Also, the bracelets that are made to be tightened around the wrist are cool for the active surfer. For those of you who spend more time walking the beach instead of riding the waves, your accessories aren't as limited. Some people like the sea shell necklaces with polo shirts or even just a tank top. They don't look good with button up shirts. The ankle ties look cool if you're rocking swimming trunks or a decent pair of shorts. There really isn't a point for them if you're wearing pants.
  3. Bracelets and wrist bands. As far as wrist bands and bracelets are concerned, the colors should compliment either the colors of the top you're wearing, the pants you're wearing or both. Remember, don't wear more than one bracelet per wrist. As a matter of fact, one bracelet is good enough. You can throw on one of those sports watches if you wish but there's no need for multiple bracelets.
  4. Total. You should not have any more than three articles of surf jewelry on at a time. You can wear a necklace, wrist band or bracelet, and an ankle tie all at once. Anything more than that and you've put on too much.
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