How To Wear Surfing Booties

If you want to surf in cold water, you probably also want to know how to wear surfing booties. If you do not already know, surfing booties are special boots that a surfer wears if he or she is surfing in very cold water. Because a wet suit does not cover up the feet, hands, or head, these parts of the body may be exposed to uncomfortable conditions. Thus, the surfing booties provide an extra bit of comfort.

What you will need for surfing on a cold day:

  • A wet suit
  • Surfing booties
  • A surfboard
  • Towels and blankets
  1. First, you will need to purchase surfing booties and a wet suit that fit you. You can get these at a specialty surfing shop or online. You want to make sure that the gear is skin tight so that no water seeps in.
  2. Find some waves. You will probably not be comfortable wearing your wet suit and booties while walking to the beach or while riding in a car. However, since you wear surfing booties to escape the cold, you may want to go to the beach in warm clothes.
  3. Put on your wet suit. While your booties will eventually be positioned under your wet suit, you want to put on your wet suit first. This keeps you from damaging your wet suit when you put it on over the boots.
  4. Pull up the legs of your wet suit so that you can wear surfing booties. Put the booties on while the wet suit legs are pulled up. This will allow you to avoid damage to your wet suit and to get the wet suit on more easily in the first place.
  5. Pull the wet suit legs back over the surfing booties. This will keep water from seeping into your wet suit or booties, because the wet suit will create a more-or-less waterproof seal. This will increase your comfort and level of warmth.



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