How To Wear A Sweater Vest

You may wonder how to wear a sweater vest when you are trying to get the perfect outfit together. Sweater vests are perfect for colder weather, as well as during the transitional seasons. There are several different and stylish ways you can wear a sweater vest. Following these few simple tips will have you on your way to getting plenty of use out of your sweater vest in no time.

  1. The traditional look. Sweater vests go great with a nice pair of khaki pants or shorts. Wear your sweater vest over a polo shirt for a more preppy look. You can also wear a long sleeve button down shirt if it's colder outside. This look is perfect no matter if you are playing a round on the golf course or going to work. You can wear this outfit just about anywhere and never feel underdressed.
  2. The dressier look. Dress up your sweater vest by wearing a tie with a collared shirt underneath, along with a pair of slacks. A nice belt and pair of dress shoes will complete this stylish outfit. This look is great for wearing to the office or a night out.  No matter where you're going, you'll feel like a million bucks in this outfit.
  3. The casual look. You don't have to sacrifice comfort just to look stylish. You can wear your sweater vest with a pair of jeans if you are looking to dress down a little. You can even get away with wearing a T-shirt underneath your sweater vest with this look. For an even more laid back look, you don't even have to tuck in your shirt with this outfit. However, make sure your denim jeans match your sweater vest and aren't too dark or too light in color.


  • No matter how you wear your sweater vest, always make sure your shirt matches your sweater vest. There is hardly anything stylish about an outfit that doesn't match. It's a good idea to always have a white polo shirt and white button down shirt on hand, since white matches almost everything.
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