How To Wear A Tie Clip

Normally, people wear a tie clip to keep a tie in place. However, many tie clips also have symbolic value, like representing a social club or fraternity. Other clips may have sentimental value and have been passed down for generations between family members. It's very important when you wear a tie clip to make sure you have it on straight and at the correct height. Otherwise, the purpose of the tie clip is defeated and actually looks sloppy.

To wear a tie clip you will need:

  • Buttoned dress shirt
  • Tie
  • Tie clip
  1. Put on your shirt. Make sure all the buttons are secured and straight. Tuck your shirt into your pants, so you'll be ready to wear a tie clip.
  2. Put the tie around your neck and tie it. The smaller tail of the tie should be under the larger tail. It should also be either even with the larger portion or hang at the exact same length.
  3. Look in the mirror to make sure the tie is straight. It should be flat and cover the entire row of buttons on your shirt.
  4. Place the tie clip about two thirds of the way down on your shirt. A good rule to follow is to place the clip between the fourth and fifth button on your dress shirt. Make sure that the clip is setting horizontally across your tie.
  5. Push the tie clip to open it and secure it to your shirt. The back legs should go through the opening between two buttons on your shirt.



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