How To Wear A Tie

When it comes to how to wear a tie, certain aspects will come into play. Ties are usually apart of business attire. Ties are also worn for formal occasions and black-tie events. If you are attending a business meeting or formal party, it is important to wear your tie properly.

To wear a tie, you will need:

  • A tie
  • A suit
  • A dress shirt 
  1. Choose what you will wear. It is necessary to match your tie with with a suit and dress shirt. Too many patterns or colors can be an eyesore when attending a formal event. Try to wear a basic black or grey suit. This way you can choose a tie with patterns or designs of your choice. A solid tie can almost go with any suit or shirt. A great way to see what matches is to lay out your pieces of clothing on the bed. This way you see how different colors may compliment each other. Whatever you choose to wear with your tie, make sure to let your personality shine through.
  2. Get dressed. After you choose the perfect combination, it is crucial to dress as neatly and presentable as possible. Your suit and shirt should be pressed; wrinkles are not warmly welcomed at most formal occasions. Black socks are always best when wearing a suit and tie combination. A belt should also be worn to accent the tie. When you wear a tie, you are usually trying to look your best. With that in mind, remember that being tidy is best.
  3. Put your tie on. Place your tie under your collar and tie it so that the knot fills most of the gap at your collar. The most common tie knots are the full or double Windsor knots. When you wear a tie, the wider part of the tie should end right at the center of your belt buckle. For taller gentlemen, it may be best to wear a longer tie. Once your tie is on, make sure you have the look that you are going for. If something does not look right, you can simply try a different suit and tie combination.


Tie Knots

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