How To Wear A Toga

If you are invited to a toga party, you will really need to learn how to wear a toga using a bed sheet. Read the instructions below and toga party will never be a hassle to you anymore. So take out your old bed sheet and begin making a toga for the next party.

Things you need to wear a toga: 

  • Safety pins
  • 1 full-size bed sheet or 5-6 yards of fabric

For Men

  1. Hold one corner of the bed sheet and put that on your right hip. 
  2. Wrap the fabric around your waist. If you want to wear a toga without it slipping down at the dance floor, secure it with safety pins.
  3. Place the remaining fabric across your chest diagonally so it will rest on over your back. Secure with safety pins again. This will make you wear a toga like a real Roman.

For Women:

  1. To wear a toga in a sexy way, first fold the sheet in half. Place one corner behind your neck as if you are wearing a halter top. 
  2. Tuck the center of the sheet under one of your armpits. Pull the other end to wrap around your back. 
  3. Pull the fabric from the other armpit. Reach across the back of your neck to tie a knot to form a halter dress. 

Tip: Wear a toga with accessories such as ropes and flat sandals to create a more authentic look. Instead of bed sheets, you may also choose a fabric that you like. 



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