How To Wear Vintage Plaid Shirts

It takes an eclectic sense of style to wear vintage plaid shirts. A plaid shirt is one of those tricky items that only look good with certain clothes. Vintage plaid shirts are even harder to match up. Vintage plaid shirts are loud enough on their own. The last thing you need to do is add other loud articles of clothing to a vintage plaid shirt. Even if it's not your intention, a vintage plaid shirt will be the center of your outfit. Well if you're ready, lets try to throw together an outfit with a vintage plaid shirt.

  1. The center of your outfit. The vintage plaid shirt is going to be the center of your outfit, period. It should be the loudest part of your attire. Don't try to match it with an equally as loud jacket or some shoes you heisted from a circus clown. You chose the vintage plaid shirt now live with it. We have to make the rest of your clothes work around it.
  2. The color scheme. Vintage plaid shirts are colorfully loud. We all know this. The best thing to do when creating an outfit for the shirt is to match the rest of your clothes to the least loud color in the plaid shirt. If the shirt's got red blue and dark brown in it, don't center your color scheme around the bright red or the blue. Unless, of course, you dig looking like a 70's pimp. Go head cat daddy! For those of us that live in the here and now, go with the brown. Please, go with the brown.
  3. The pants. Just because you're rocking the vintage plaid shirt doesn't mean you have to put on the bell bottom corduroys to match. Get some decent here and now slacks that don't flare out at the ankles. Remember, the pants should just be a basic style. You're going to need some toned down stuff to neutralize that loud shirt.
  4. Jeans. If you decide to go with jeans, they need to be dark. Choose a nice denim. Choose something you'd wear to a club.
  5. The Jacket. Lets follow the same plan we used with the pants. Don't get a jacket with huge shoulder pads or some other Zoot Suit feel. Get a modern fitting jacket that matches the pants. The modern fitting jackets are more of a form fitting look.
  6. Shoes. The shoes should compliment the jacket and pants in color. But, if you decide to wear a darker colored belt, then the shoes should match the belt. Even with the style of vintage shirt you're wearing, the squared toed shoes are still the best looking. Oh and the socks should match the shoes.
  7. Hats. You have the most freedom with your hat selections. As long as you make sure the hat compliments the colors of your outfit (not the shirt, but the rest of the ensemble) you can choose pretty much any style. Just stay away from the baseball style hats. Those only look good with team uniforms.
  8. Jewelry. There's not much to say here. Just keep it simple. Less id always more in this department.
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