How To Wear Vintage Running Shoes

Want to learn how to wear vintage running shoes? Vintage running shoes are a great addition to a hip wardrobe. The athletic shoes are comfortable, practical and stylish. Ditch the bulky, new sneakers. Incorporate the vintage shoes with the looks below.

  1. Corduroys or khaki pants. Create a hip look by pairing vintage running shoes with khakis or cords. Shades of brown and gray are the way to go. This is a fantastic opportunity to create a retro, 1970s casual look.
  2. Be sporty with a jersey. Wear those vintage sneakers with a new or vintage team jersey or shirt. Football jerseys and baseball t-shirts are great options. A stylish, athletic look will be created.
  3. Track pants. This is one of those obvious pairings. Wear running shoes with retro track pants or shorts. Adidas has several retro options. The three stripes are classic! Avoid wearing the whole track suit. This is a great, comfortable look.
  4. Denim. This all-American denim classic is a great option. Wear stylish jeans with retro running shoes for a night out or a walk in the park. Dark and light denim are fantastic choices. Standard and skinny are the best fits. Vintage running shoes can also be worn with old school denim jackets.
  5. Bright colors. Accent shoes with bright, futuristic colors. Pastels and metallics are a great look. Color can be incorporated through graphic t-shirts, bags and accessories. Spice things up a bit. Bring out the colors that are featured in the shoe.

Running shoes are super comfy! Use the suggestions provided, along with personal style and creativity, to create a stylish ensemble. Have fun mixing and matching!

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