How To Wear A Vintage Tux

Modern tuxedoes are fairly simple to wear, but you may need help to know how to wear a vintage tux. A vintage tux is a tuxedo that was made several decades ago, or a tux that is made to resemble a different era's style. You can maximize the potential of a vintage tux by following the style tips below.

What you will need to complement a vintage tux:

  • A tie
  • A formal white shirt
  • Dress shoes
  • Dark socks
  • Hair gel or mousse (optional)
  1. Find a tie that complements the color of the vintage tux. For example, if the tuxedo is blue, find a patterned tie that includes a blue that matches the same blue of the suit. If the tie is not patterned, you may end up wearing too much of a single color. If you prefer a solid tie, get a color that complements the color of the suit without matching it perfectly.
  2. Get a high-quality white shirt to go with the tuxedo. Tuxedos, including vintage tuxes, are meant to be worn with white shirts, so you should probably follow tradition. A white shirt will keep the outfit from looking too gaudy or cluttered.
  3. If possible, find vintage shoes from the era of your vintage tux. This will complete the outfit and make you look quite dapper. If you can't find vintage shoes, either go for a classic shoe style or shoes inspired by vintage styles.
  4. Be sure to get socks that match the color of your pants. Wearing white socks with a tux is a big fashion no-no. Darker socks make the suit look more seamless and formal.
  5. If desired, style hair back to suit the era of your vintage tux. You may want a sleek look to match the sleekness of your outfit. Not only will you look like you came out of a time machine, you will likely get many compliments from others, assuming that you put all of the elements of the vintage tux together well.
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