How To Wear A Wallet Chain

Whether you're concerned about being pick pocketed, or just worried that your wallet will fly away during a skateboard flip or theme park ride, knowing how to wear a wallet chain is a simple and stylish way to keep track of your cash. Attaching the chain to your pants and wallet is quick and easy. A chain wallet is exactly what the name suggests—a wallet with a hole for a chain in one corner. Just put on the pants you want to attach the wallet to, and you're ready to chain it up.

  1. Attach the chain to the wallet. If your chain has a trigger-opening hook on the wallet end, pull the trigger back to open it, slid the curved part of the hook through the wallet's chain hole, and release the trigger. If the chain has a keyring, attach the wallet just like you would add a new key to a regular keyring.
  2. Stick the wallet in your back pocket on the side you want to chain it to. This is so that you don't have to juggle the wallet and the other end of the chain while attaching it. It's up to you which side to chain the wallet to. Most people want their wallets within easy reach, so they chain them to the same side as their dominant hand.
  3. Take the loose end of the chain and attach it to the front belt loop of your pants on that side. Unsnap the strap, slid the tip through the belt loop, and snap it closed again. Congratulations, you're a chain wallet wearer now!
  4. Chain wearing tips. Wearing a wallet chain is pretty easy, but watch out for these common mishaps. Very long chains aren't a good idea as the chain will swing a lot when you walk. If you picked a thick type of link, it may be heavy enough to annoy you. And of course, avoid wearing a wallet chain on days you'll be going through things like airline metal detectors. 

You can wear a wallet chain without the wallet if you just want to make a fashion statement; simply attach one end to the front belt loop on the side as usual, and attach the other end to the back belt loop on the same side. You can wear the chain hanging out of your pocket to show it off, or tucked into your pocket as a surprise for anyone who tries to nab your wallet.

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