How To Wear Watches

How to wear a watch? There are several main types of watches including the pocket watch and the wristwatch. There are others but these two seem to be the most popular.

The wristwatch is quite naturally worn on the wrist. How you wear it is up to you.

  • The watch can be worn either on the inside or outside of the wrist, depending upon personal preference.  Some people feel more comfortable with it inside, some outside. If  you find a specific reason to choose one over the other, wear it that way if it is comfortable to you.
  • The other choice is if the watch is worn on the right or left wrist. Normally left handers will wear the watch on the right wrist and right handers will wear it on the left wrist. Watches made to be worn on the left wrist will often have the stem on the right hand side of the case. Watches made to be worn on the right wrist will often have the stem on the left hand side of the case. This is to make setting and winding of the watch practical without removing the watch from the wrist.

The oldest type of watch is the pocket watch. Now one might choose to simply drop the watch in a pocket. But that would mean digging for it when you want it. Why not choose a bit of style if you are planning on wearing a pocket watch? Normally the pocket watch is worn in conjunction with a watch chain and watch fob. The watch fob traditionally is a small decorative metal weight. The old elegant way to wear a pocket watch was while wearing a vest with a watch pocket. Today, other pockets are normally chosen; often the small "change" pocket is used. The process of deciding how to wear your pocket watch might be as follows:

  1. Choose a watch fob. There are two types of watch fobs. One is a leather strap, which is used in place of the watch chain, and the second is a weight. If you choose the leather watch fob, you can ignore the choice of a chain. The second type of fob is a weight of some type. Coins and other decorative items can be used. Some people choose to use a small pocket knife in place of a fob, and this is very traditional also. This type of fob is often carried in a pocket, or hung free as decoration when the chain is attached to clothing. Basically the job of the watch fob is to help attach the watch to the person.
  2. Choose a chain.  There are two types of chains, single and double ended. The single chain will have the fob attached at one end, and the watch at the other. The chain can be attached near the fob end to a piece of clothing or button, leaving the fob exposed for decoration. Alternately, the fob is dropped into the pocket for weight to hold the chain in place. The chain then hangs free to the pocket where the watch is held. The double chain is attached to the person in the middle of the chain.  This leaves two free hanging ends of the chain. The fob or a pocket knife is attached on one end of the chain and stored in a pocket. The pocket watch is worn on the opposite end of the chain and stored in another pocket. This leaves two loops of chain visible for decoration.
  3. Choose a side to wear the watch on.  Traditionally the watch is worn on the side opposite of your dominant hand. This is to allow the user to write and look at the watch at the same time. This could be the origin of which wrist the wristwatch is worn on.  When people changed over from pocket watches to wristwatches it is possible they kept the same traditions.

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