How To Wear A White Blazer

If you like a dressy-casual look, you might be wondering how to wear a white blazer and not look like Don Johnson. White blazers, if worn correctly, can create a nice casual style without looking like you are wearing a white doctor's coat. You have to pair the blazer with the right clothing if you want to create a nice, sharp look.

  1. Wear the white blazer with jeans. Wearing the blazer with jeans is fine. Just be sure to wear the sleeves all the way down. Never bunch up the sleeves or roll them up. If you do, you will look like a throwback from the '80s.
  2. Wear the blazer over a T-shirt. Wearing the blazer over a plain T-shirt gives you a more casual feel. Pair these two items with jeans and some nice shoes and you can go out to a club and look great.
  3. Wear the white blazer with dress pants. Create a dressier look by pairing your white blazer with neutral-colored dress pants. As long as the dress pants are not white as well, you should look great. Go ahead and add a great-looking pair of dress shoes and a stylish button-up shirt to complete the look.

Wearing a white blazer can be done with ease if you pair it with the right clothing. Don't ever add any flair to your white jacket and don't go overly crazy with the hair gel or you will look like you belong in a straight jacket. Use the blazer to complement a look that already works for you and you will be able to wear it with style.

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