How To Wear White Cardigans

Look classy and stand out from the other guys by learning how to wear white cardigans. White cardigans are a must for late spring and early summer, when you can finally wear white again and when the temperatures may still be cool enough to require a sweater. When you wear white cardigans, it is important that you pair them with appropriate clothing. Since cardigans are casual, avoid trying to wear one with a shirt and tie or anything that comes close to looking like dress pants.

  1. Stick with other light, neutral colors on the bottom. White cardigans go well with khaki colored pants and medium wash denim jeans. You'll want to avoid black or dark gray pants and dark rinse jeans, since the contrast will be a bit too jarring.
  2. Wear a darker shirt underneath. Though the contrast between your pants and white cardigans may be too much if you wear darker pants, it's all right to wear a darker shirt underneath a white cardigan, since the shirt will be mostly concealed. A black or blue shirt can make the white cardigan stand out even more.
  3. Match the neckline of the cardigan. If your white cardigans have low V-necks, wear a high collared shirt, such as a crew neck t-shirt or a button shirt underneath. You can pair a lower cut cardigan with a neck accessory, such as a scarf or tie if you would like, just don't make it too formal. If the cardigan has a crew neck, or buttons all the way up, leave a few buttons open at the top so that the shirt underneath peeks out a bit. Skip any additional neck wear with high cut white cardigans.
  4. Wear thin, lightweight white cardigans. You may see a thick, chunky knit white cardigan in the store and wonder if its the right thing to wear. Odds are, it isn't. You'll be wearing white cardigans in the warmer months, so a heavier weight sweater will feel out of place.
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