How To Wear White Jeans

Figuring out how to wear white jeans is almost essential in today's fashion industry. All of the hot brands out there sell and endorse white jeans. Now, it isn't always easy to wear white jeans. With ketchup stains, sweat spots, and dirt marks just waiting for your white jeans to come their way, it can often be hard to wear those fancy flamboyant pale leggings you adore.

Anyway, make sure you have all of the following to wear white jeans:

  • White Jean/Leggings/Skirt/Shorts
  • A friend's opinion
  • Money to purchase (depends on store)
  1. Wear them before or after labor day. Contrary to the traditional fashion rules, which generally dictate "summer" and "winter" clothing, white jeans are a-okay to wear after labor day. Labor day usually marks the beginning of "winter" for Western fashion, but informal jeans are exempt from this rule.
  2. Eat greasy, highly colored, or messy foods carefully. White jeans tend to stain really easy, and having a can full of red soda right next to them will only increase your ill chances. Try to order things that don't stain much, such as rice, poptarts, or water. These are friendly towards your white jeans.
  3. Wear lighter colors with your white jeans. Specifically, white, silver, and gray all look very beautiful with your jeans. This is good for summer, as well, with its sunny and bright effect that makes you look ready for the sun!
  4. Don black with your white jeans for a more sophisticated look. If you choose to wear white jeans with black (and possibly silver or gold), be forewarned this look is amazingly cosmopolitan. Very modern, yet intelligently classical, black tops with white jean pants work great together.
  5. Be conscious of the season. Remember how we told you to forget the cliche "no white after labor day"? Well, it is an out-of-style and outdated rule of thumb, so make sure to trash it. That being said, white jeans can still go with the Western fashion season. Blue and green compliment spring, gray and black go with winter, red and yellow work with summer, and brown and purple represent fall. These rules aren't too restrictive, if you know how to work around them well enough.

Part of knowing how to wear white jeans is also understanding how to go with the flow. White jeans noticeably stick out from the pack due to their unconventional color scheme and flamboyant style. Know how to don them, and you will be on your road to fashion stardom in no time!

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