How To Wear A Windsurfing Harness

Learning how to wear a windsurfing harness is an important part of being comfortable while out on the water. A windsurfing harness helps to relieve pressure from the windsurfer's back and arms, which will make the ride much more enjoyable. How to wear a windsurfing harness will depend on the type of harness purchased, the two main types of harnesses are seat harnesses and waist harnesses.

To learn to wear a windsurfing harness, you will need:

  • Sailboard
  • Harness
  • Securing Lines
  1. Attach securing lines. Keep sailboard in shallow water and attach the securing lines to the sailboard. Your lines may clip to the sailboard or snap into place, depending on the type of lines you have purchased.
  2. Step into your harness. If you have a seated harness, you will need to put one foot into each side and pull the harness up like a pair of shorts. Adjust buckle closures around your waist to ensure a snug fit.
  3. Wrap harness around waist. For waist harnesses, you will need to wrap the harness around your waist and tighten each of the buckles.
  4. Progress into the water. Without attaching the harness, head out into the water. You can lay on the board and paddle, or let the wind bring you out onto the water.
  5. Clip the harness to the securing lines. Once you are established in the water, you can attach the securing lines and harness to each other. Clip one side, then the other using the clips attached to the harness and securing lines.
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