How To Wear Your Shirts With Undershirts

There are many benefits to wearing undershirts, and you're looking to learn how to wear your shirts with undershirts, you're in luck! It's easy to do, will give you a more crisp image, and will help improve the longevity of your shirts. You might not think that much goes into wearing an undershirt, and you would be right! For the most part, it's just pick a color and design, and start wearing. But remember, the overshirt that you've chosen can have a large bearing on the type of undershirt that you're going to wear.

  1. Style. Generally speaking, the style that you choose is a matter of personal preference, though the style also has a bearing on how your overshirt looks and wears. T-shirt style undershirts help protect your overshirt from armpit sweat, but may not be as comfortable as the tank style undershirts. Either way, look for a snug fitting, comfortable, and smoothly textured shirt. Overshirts will lie nicely over these undershirts and will look less wrinkled.
  2. Color. Unless you're far more comfortable with style than others, stick with a muted, solid color. White and black tend to work best, and when you become a bit more daring, branch out to other colors. Try your best to avoid shirts with large logos or graphics, as those have a tendency to show through overshirts in certain lighting conditions.
  3. Wear. Even if your overshirt does not tuck in, it's almost universally a good idea to keep your undershirt tucked it. It creates a cleaner look, and when tucked in will help your overshirt stay in place much better than an untucked undershirt would.

Walk around town showing off your new fashion prowess. When people fawn over your new stunning attractiveness, remember that it was a simple undershirt that changed the way you look!

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