How To Wear Your Thrift Store Finds

How to wear your thrift store finds can be done by allowing a little fun into the plan of shopping for them. Remembering how it felt to wear pretty dresses and shoes brings anyone’s thoughts to nice restaurants and gatherings. Vintage clothing is certainly vogue when it comes to dress and glamour. Things that are needed regarding a list of how to wear that thrift store find are noted below.

  • Matching colors
  • Places to Go
  • Ways to Shine
  • Sharing with others
  1. Matching the colors in the wear of your thrift store find is important. Color schemes make the outfit look fine in any setting. Color brings a new idea to the outfit as the original compliments are not in view. Changing the outfit with a necklace and a pair of new vogue shoes is fun and exciting.
  2. Places to go and show off your thrift store finds is fun.  Knowing that the price was right always makes everything seem a little better. Having a great time for less money makes anyone achieve a better mood.
  3. Ways to shine wearing your thrift store find involves makeup and hair. Fixing the hair in a new, cool style or an old, comfortable way will make anyone feel special and vogue in the process.
  4. Sharing with others how you will wear your thrift store find is creative.  Letting others know what a great deal you got and how you are showing off your new finds will make them wish they had shopped at a thrift shop too.

How to wear your thrift store finds remains an art and a challenge to anyone who likes to buy vintage clothing for a less expensive price.

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