How To Weave A Rug

Weaving a rug is an ancient craft, covering variety of techniques and learning how to weave a rug can be a very enjoyable skill for both an amateur as well as a professional. Woven rugs can be both handmade as well as machine made. Also, these rugs include both flat rugs like kilims and pile rugs. Here, we are going to talk about a rug which can be woven on a simple machine called a loom.

To weave a rug, you will need the following:

  • Warp string

  • Weft

  • A beginner’s loom like a rigid heddle loom

  • Shuttle

A rigid heddle loom can range in width from 12 to 24 inches. A loom of width 24 inches can produce a carpet 24 inches wide. The step by step guide to weaving a rug on such a 24 inches wide rigid heddle loom is described in the following steps.


  1. Firstly, place the warp on the loom. Cut the warp according to the measurement lengthwise of the finished rug plus a margin of 9 inches. The purpose of this margin is to make the fringe and to provide for the warp that may be lost while removing the rug from the loom.

  2. Tie the warp on the notches on the front and back bar of the loom, taking care not to get them tangled. The number of threads should be equal to the number of notches.

  3. Next, thread the threads all the way through the heddle.

  4. Then tie the warp threads onto the rear beam of the loom and make sure that they do not cross over each other. Loosen the rear beam and turn to roll up the warp until it is tight. Roll the warp until the front beam a little say 4 inches, for the fringe.

  5. Next, wind the weft lengthwise onto the shuttle.

  6. Elevate or lower the heddle and glide the shuttle through the resulting space in the warp threads. When it is raised, the strings through the holes go up and those into the slots will stay stationary. Whereas, when it is lowered, the threads through the holes go down and those in the slots remain stationary. This creates a shed through which the shuttle can be placed.

  7. Slide the shuttle all the way through alternate sheds and unwind the weft. In order to tighten the weave, beat the weft downwards as close to the previous row as possible.

  8. Draw the weaving to a close and remove the rug from the loom. For this, cut the warp starting the front beam, leaving a little margin. Tie two consecutive strings in a tight knot and keep on doing till a fringe is formed.

The warp and weft can be made of same kind or different kind of fiber to make a variation in your rug. Taking good care of your rug goes a long way in increasing its longevity. Always wash your woven rug, as soon as it gets soiled, gently in mild detergent.

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