How To Weigh Gold Jewelry

Need tips on how to weigh gold jewelry? Not a gold expert and just need a little help in this area? You've come to the right place. You will see how easy it is to weigh your gold and the different types of measurements that are used.

       Things you will need:

  • Digital scale        
  1. Always make sure the digital scale is set to zero. This may seem obvious, but people tend to forget this step often. If you do not do this you will get measurements that are either less or more than the actual weight of the gold.
  2. Set your digital scale to troy ounces. Troy ounces are different than regular ounces. It is the standard measure for precious metals in the United States and is widely used. The ancient Romans originated this form of measure and it is still popular today.
  3. Measuring in grams is good for smaller gold jewelry. Most people measuring small amounts of gold will use this type of measurement. It is just more convenient and easier to understand when working with tiny weights.
  4. Use the lesser known pennyweight measurement. There are some people in the United States that use pennyweights as a way to measure gold jewelry. Most people that use pennyweights are from over seas like Great Britain. It is a more older unit of measure that is not as popular worldwide with those who deal in gold.
  5. Separate your gold jewelry. Separate your gold jewelry individually, so that you get an accurate measure on all your gold. This is important, because not all your jewelry is the same karat. Make sure to always group your jewelry according to its purity.


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